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deva1998's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 26 (From 6 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 285 Points

Egg collector

Collector Unlocked 4/10/15
10 Points
10 eggs collected!
Hunter Unlocked 4/10/15
25 Points
25 eggs collected!
Master Unlocked 4/10/15
50 Points
50 eggs collected!

Medals Earned: 3/3 (85/85 points)

Sheen's Drug Trip

To the rescue! Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Watch the second part of the intro
BOSS FIGHT!!! 5 Points Watch the boss intro
Continue? 5 Points Come back to life
Crouch 5 Points Press down or S when on the ground
Don't crush my smokes 5 Points Watch the ending
Helluva drug 5 Points Watch the first part of the intro
Withdrawal 5 Points Reach the end without enough cigarettes
Tiger blood 10 Points Eat a baby
Firefighter 25 Points Put out 150 flames
Untouchable 100 Points Defeat Chuck Norris without taking damage

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/170 points)

Slimey's Quest (LD31)

Smashed! Unlocked 4/8/15
10 Points
You destroyed your first enemy!
Winner 25 Points You completed the game. Congratulations.

Medals Earned: 1/2 (10/35 points)

Sonac the Hodgeman 3

Frodo Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Destroy a rang.
Gotta Go Quickly Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Go quickly
Scrambled Eggs Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Defeat Mr. Eggs in hand to hand combat
Too Quickly Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
You went too quickly
You're Bad at This Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Get a negative number of rangs you loser
You're Too Unquick Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Go as unquickly as possible
Double Kill Unlocked 4/11/15
10 Points
Kill 2 enemies without touching the ground, as a non-flying character
Missile Defense Unlocked 4/11/15
10 Points
Destroy 15 enemies with missiles. (unlocks Shadoo)
Not the Bees Unlocked 4/11/15
10 Points
Kill 5 bees you racist
Triple Kill Unlocked 4/11/15
25 Points
Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground, as a non-flying character
Brass Knackles 5 Points Collect 50 rangs as Knackles. (unlocks ???)
Edgy Gem Collector 5 Points Collect 7 chaos emmastones as Shadoo. (unlocks ???)
Gem Collector 5 Points Collect 7 chaos emmastones as Sonac. (unlocks ???)
I am Kazaam 5 Points Play as Picture of Shaq
Like Really Bad 5 Points Negative 20 rangs? Are you trying?
Ludicrous Speed 5 Points Go as quickly as hodgemanly possible.
Seriously 5 Points Negative 50 rangs. Are you okay
Just Quit 10 Points Negative 100 rangs like how bad can you even be at a thing
Indiana Jones 25 Points Collect 30 chaos emmastones as any character.
Rang Lover 25 Points Gather 100 rangs in a row without missing any
Variety 50 Points Play as every character except ???
You Will Never Get This Time Back 50 Points Play as any character for 5 minutes. (unlocks ???)

Medals Earned: 10/22 (85/280 points)

The Heroic Rooster

Big Guy Unlocked 3/29/15
5 Points
Now you can Fly
Evolution Unlocked 3/29/15
5 Points
Grow up to a little rooster
First Grave Unlocked 3/29/15
5 Points
You were Dead , Right ?
Great Fall Unlocked 3/29/15
5 Points
The Starting of game !!
RESPECT Unlocked 3/29/15
25 Points
Thanx for seeing credits
Face 2 Face 5 Points Face the Shit !!
Pee jet 5 Points You can't match its speed
Cock in City 10 Points Chapter 2
Code 10 Points Find A code In the level
Eggs 10 Points Save a game
First murder 10 Points Kill a little ant
Loud Noise 10 Points Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Run from Love 10 Points Puk puk !!
Up to Building 10 Points Reach up to Sky!!
10K 25 Points Score 10,000 points in one run
Food Factory 25 Points Yum Yum
Sewers 25 Points Is this really ....
Slow motion music 25 Points Stare menu for 2 minutes
Wooden Flappers Alley 25 Points Shew Ski shew !! its Flappers Alley
Disco Dancer 50 Points Dance to the Beat
Help me 50 Points Find a secret passage to secret room
A Big Plan Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Freakin' Shit Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/23 (45/500 points)

Vex 2

2nd Place Unlocked 7/20/13
5 Points
Achieve Silver rank or higher on any act.
Act 1 Unlocked 7/20/13
5 Points
Complete Act 1 to any standard.
Not a scratch! Unlocked 7/20/13
5 Points
Complete any stage without dying.
Tutorial Unlocked 7/20/13
5 Points
Complete the tutorial to any standard.
1st Place Unlocked 7/20/13
10 Points
Achieve Gold rank or higher on any act.
Perfect Unlocked 7/20/13
25 Points
Achieve Perfect rank on any act.
Act 2 5 Points Complete Act 2 to any standard.
Act 3 5 Points Complete Act 3 to any standard.
Act 4 5 Points Complete Act 4 to any standard.
Act 5 5 Points Complete Act 5 to any standard.
Act 6 5 Points Complete Act 6 to any standard.
Act 7 5 Points Complete Act 7 to any standard.
Act 8 5 Points Complete Act 8 to any standard.
Blown away! 5 Points Get blown away while hanging on to a ledge.
Curb Stomp 5 Points Land on a ramp hard enough to kill yourself.
Double Down 5 Points Complete 22 stages.
Lifesaver 5 Points Use an orange block to survive a hard fall.
Light Cardio 5 Points Run a total of 1,500m
Stargazer 5 Points Collect 3 hidden stars.
Time flies... 5 Points Play Vex 2 for 30 minutes.
Vexiphobia 5 Points Complete the tutorial without touching any checkpoints.
Keylogger 10 Points Hold two or more keys at the same time.
Mini Marathon 10 Points Run a total of 5,000m.
Act Master 25 Points Complete all acts to any standard.
Astronaut 25 Points Collect half of the hidden stars.
Buzz Lightyear 50 Points Collect all of the hidden stars.
Olympian 50 Points Get every act to minimum Gold rank.
Vexed much? 50 Points Complete the Vexation to any standard.
Perfectionist 100 Points Get every act to Perfect rank.

Medals Earned: 6/29 (55/450 points)